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RIU Hotels & Resorts is a Spanish hotel chain founded by the Riu family as a small holiday firm in 1953. It was founded in Mallorca, Spain, and is currently 49% owned by TUI and run by the third generation of the family. The company's business is focused on the holiday hotel sector and over 70% of its establishments offer an all-inclusive service.


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Theatre Animator (Former Employee) says

"Bad treatment of employees. You are over worked and little pay, your word is never considered. Your always at risk of false accusations."

ayudante de cocina (Current Employee) says

"Excelente apollo por la demas areas, pero muchos conflictos laborales. Cons: ambiente laboral pesimo"

Subgobernanta (Former Employee) says

"Una empresa tan grande e importante como Riu no puede ser que trate de esa manera a sus empleados o por lo menos no lo vea... sobre todo por parte de la Gobernanta."

Sales Clerk and Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Not a bad place to work just that you have some workers that would do anything for u to lose your job and you don't get paid for overtime nor for sick leave your been watched 24/7 anything that goes wrong in the shop it's on you no matter what."

ayudante de bares (Current Employee) says

"No te dejan crecer laboralmente a menos que seas compadre de algún jefe de área o de algún líder sindical. Cons: Exigen que trabajes más de 8 horas y hasta 14 horas cuando hay evaluaciones sin pago de horas extras"

garrotero (Former Employee) says

"les falta mas capacitacion en cuanto a la fomentacion del trabajo en equipo y mayor fomentacion de superacion de areas laborales Cons: poca coordinacion en cuanto a las funciones de los garroteros"

ayudante de camarero (Former Employee) says

"Muy buenos compañeros fácil disponibilidad de adaptación al trabajo Cons: Organizaciones"

Traductora autónoma (Current Employee) says

"mi trabajo con ellos es traducir documentos de forma eventual, pero el trato via email siempre ha sido más que cordial"

recepcionista (Former Employee) says

"Aprendí y adquirí nuevas competencias y habilidades para hablar, convencer y negociar."

Agente de reservaciones bilingüe (Former Employee) says

"En general el trabajo es muy bueno, los compañeros son increíbles, los supervisores siempre ayudan, la capacitación es excelente, el sueldo por muchos es más alto que en otras centrales de reservaciones, el servicio de comedor es rico, solamente qué hay clientes que hacen tu día estresante y además los horarios son complicados (típico horario de hotelería) Cons: Horarios"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Riu Hotels part-time Cons: Unreliable Language problems Don’t know what they are doing"

Server/Waiter says

"I worked at Riu Hotels for less than a year Cons: -Management sucks - Management only eats and judges its workers -Management is racist -HR is incompetent and bias"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Riu Hotels full-time for more than a year Cons: Hardly any benefits. Will have you working in unethical situations. Don’t care about employees. Only care about the customers. No value"


"I worked at Riu Hotels Cons: Poor Management, Pay is below average! Hire people within the US!"

Current Employee - Director says

"I have been working at Riu Hotels full-time for more than a year Cons: Racism is present. Condescending remarks made in Spanish about employees that are in appropriate are used everyday because they think employees do not speak Spanish. No Sales team on site. No communication. Job stability is poor. HR has been caught with illegal activities, thought management turns the eye due to her Latin American background."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Riu Hotels full-time Cons: A whole lot! Never had insurance Worked more then 10 hours Riu head managers "not floor manger" could be really insentaive strating from the hr manger all the way to ast gm"

Former Employee - Front Desk Receptionist says

"I worked at Riu Hotels full-time for more than a year Cons: You'll get paid a few cents above the legal minimum for Ireland and forgo extra pay for Sundays, Bank Holidays and Christmas in return. This is one of the lowest paid jobs in Ireland. You will struggle with rent while you live in Dublin. Most staff leave after 3 to 6 months. The older staff are on the sweet heart contracts that are no longer given and are usually Irish. Now you will see one or two new staff member that are Irish. Irish people will not work there. Porter staff regularly finish at 11:30pm and start again the next day at 7:00am. Reception staff regularly finish at 11:00pm and start again the next day at 7:00am. You will also be expected to work 9 days in a row. This is Illegal, despite what your manager tells you. Workplace inspectors were called in to investigate these irregularities. Save yourself the stress on your mental health and apply for retail in Dublin. Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Dunnes are always looking for more staff an they pay better and have better hours. From there you can find a better job."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Riu Hotels full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Low pay for management and staff , NO benefits at ALL"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Riu Hotels full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Working hard, paying low. Even if you give your best, it is not appreciated it"

Former Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"I worked at Riu Hotels full-time for less than a year Cons: Low salary compared to the market"

Richard C says

"Avoid food poisoning!"

Glenn says

"On Nov 15th at 12:15am I was standing in clear view of the cameras that face the end of the bar with two bartenders at the theater bar. During that time there were only 3 people present. One female server, whose was outside the bar to my left, one head green shirt bartender, as well as one other bartender Ulyses that were standing behind the bar but within 2 feet of me. Ulyses and the other Captain bartender were counting their tips for the evening and placing them in their pockets and placing paperwork in a blue bag and getting ready to leave. I walked away from the bar with a beer in my hand and inadvertently left my cell phone on the bar top in front of Ulyses. When I got to the lobby I realized I forgot my cell phone and walked back to the bar and it was gone. At this time the bar was closed and the bartenders had left. During this time I was the ONLY guest left in the entire theater and surrounding area. I immediately reported this to security and the front desk and we went and checked the area but the cell phone was gone. The cell phone is described as a iPhone 11 color red 256gb at the time it went missing it had a dark privacy screen protector on it along with a Waffle House menu case (pictured below) Inline image This is an example the phone was RED in color but the same case I went back to my room #653 and turned on my IPAD in an attempt to locate the device and mark it lost. I was able to access the phone and it tracked the movements from the back of the bar across the pool stairs to the second bar by the swim up area and then was turned off. At 11:26 am on Nov 15th the phone was turned back on at the pool bar that Hugo works at as the captain and was then turned off. I went to the pool bar and spoke with Hugo with security and they looked around but were unable to find the phone. At 3:35pm the phone was again turned on at Costco at Super Manzana 21 Mz. 4 Lote 2 No. 251, 77500 CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO. This means someone possibly from your staff mentioned above took the phone. I called Costco once back after my vacation and spoke with the Warehouse Manager Miguel whom is also investigating who brought the phone in to have it reactivated. I kindly ask that the RIU investigates this matter and interviews Ulyses and finds out the whereabouts of my phone and have it returned to me. Pablo from the front desk was very helpful during this period and has been aware of this situation and I would like to have management recognize him for his merit and honesty and commitment to guest relations. I have been a RiIU guest at 8 hotels and nothing like this has ever happened to me. I am hoping this can be resolved and the phone returned to me. I have all the serial numbers from the phone and it has been reported lost/stolen by my service provider at this point."

Barb Jen says

"My Family and I stayed at the Riu Santa Fe in Los Cabos for 12 nights, and dealt with continuous ongoing issues that we brought to the attention of your staffs (Veronica, Valeria, Alfonzo, Maria, and others) and continued to bring to the attention of your staff, without resolve or reimbursements. We experienced the following issues that made our trip less then enjoyable: Lack of Dining, Food Poisoning On your website before we booked our stay it said there were 6 restaurants open daily for a variety of food options. When we got there not only were there only one or 2 restaurants open they were on the opposite end of the resort, and we were forced to walk across the property just to get food (approximately 20 min). This was difficult as I have a disability and it was virtually impossible during the blackouts, when my partner had food poisoning from Baja restaurant (our friends were also sick from the food at this restaurant) or when the flooding on the property made it unsafe to walk. Also, there was no room service or to go boxes or working phone lines or electricity for a number of days. The hours of the restaurants were not properly displayed on the Riu App, which we could not open because of lack of internet, which caused us to miss meals on days. Due of my disability, walking across the entire property, that was flooded, with no amenities open during the day for medicine and us being locked in and not being able to leave the compound due to the staffs attitude during the hurricane made the experience unsafe. To to get food was a hassle, there were no to go containers for food so we couldn’t bring anything back to the room to eat when my spouse was too ill to leave the room. The lack of room service, and help from the staff to get food brought to our room when the only option to eat was walk the 20 min to the other side of the resort, made it difficult at times to get food with my disability. There were no ride opportunities, we were not allowed to order food delivery and there were no rain gear or umbrellas provided. The convenience store on the property was closed all day. The shows were canceled. The issues with the food poisoning was for 4 days of our stay. The issues of the hurricane were for an additional 5 days of our stay. We were unable to sleep in the wet beds. We had to use all of our towels to soak up the water on the floors and to avoid slipping on the wet tiles. The electricity was then down for a few days. The phone lines did not work. When we contacted the hotel about the issues and they said they would send someone up to clean up the water and did this after a couple of days. We had issues with the toilet in our room throughout our stay (as it would not flush properly and would smell of sewer in the room). We notified the hotel about this issue and they promised to fix this problem at the beginning of our stay and promised this daily and never did. They continued to tell us to be patient and would accommodate credits and never did. We waited for these issues to be dealt with daily and it used up quite a lot of our time and our vacation. This was very disappointing. I brought my family because I stayed at the Riu before and had a wonderful time. I Though it would be a quality trip. I was disappointed at the quality of amenities, service, and accommodations. We were looking forward to our trip to The Riu, and have stayed at different ones around the world, and thought this would be another good experience. The only reason we didn’t switch hotels in the middle of our stay was because we were promised daily by your staff that the issues would be resolved and we would be getting credited for the inconveniences, which never happened."

Nini Ridic says

"I’m here just to let people know. Do not try to process anything over Riu.com when you try it will not go through and it will tell you that price change..then you will probably think something fishy is going on and won’t proceed with it. You will be charged guys even so you didn’t authorize it. I got charged 1500$ and it was scary. And I never got no email they can’t help you but ur bank will be charged. Always buy from trusted American sites!! Otherwise you will be going through same thing that I’m dealing with now. Do not trust Riu.com they are Scam!! Hopefully some of you see this when you try to look for reviews for the site..that’s what I was looking at but it was to late!!"


"I stayed at RIU Lanzarote all inclusive Total nightmare don’t waste your money and time. Customer service is rubish at the reception of RIU PARAISO LANZAROTE. they don’t understand what you saying also the rooms are 2 star hotel rooms also breakfast, lunch , dinner same routine for seven days it was the longest holiday I’ve ever had. No family friendly. Search for other hotels and don’t waste your money and time"

Derek Lowe says

"I have just returned from the worst ordeal I have ever encountered whilst travelling overseas. I paid a lot of money to stay at a Riu palace peninsula, a 5 star all inclusive hotel in Cancun, Mexico from October 3 to 9th. Unfortunately on the 6th October we had to be evacuated from the hotel to a shelter due to hurricane Delta heading in our direction. When leaving the hotel we were given a plastic bag with a banana, a cookie, a sandwich and a tin of tuna and told that was our dinner and breakfast. We arrived at the shelter which was a disused Riu hotel and it was disgraceful. The room had a filthy toilet and no running water it stank, it had no air conditioning and only had water in the fridge. We had to walk to the shops and buy food and drink. I rang Riu customer service many times in Spain, but they were unable to help us....I then rang Priceline who I had booked through and they were also unable to help us...so the conclusion was we were dumped in Mexico, in a refugee camp to look and fend for ourselves. That night we left the camp to buy some food and drink, when we returned to the shelter there were people camped out on the gardens, the trash cans were overflowing, there was garbage everywhere ...this place was a mess and a health hazard and how Riu or Priceline can justify putting guest in a hell hole like this is beyond belief, not only under normal circumstances but during a pandemic. Eventually after 2 nights in this dump, we were returned back to the peninsula to find out the flights home had been cancelled and had to reschedule, which also meant two more nights at the peninsula had to be paid for, even though we never stayed at the hotel for the allocated time we booked for. I know the hurricane was not anybody’s fault , but If there were no more rooms available at other Riu hotels you should of put people up elsewhere. This shelter was a disgrace and it would not surprise me if COVID or other disease will now come from here. You are playing with peoples lives and your actions are totally unacceptable. I am now back in the USA and I have rang Priceline to complain and get a refund of some kind. They were totally unhelpful and said I am not eligible for a refund as Riu have told them no refunds are being issued. Thanks Priceline and Riu for looking after us during our vacation and after..NOT! I strongly advise people not to use either of these companies because once they have your money they don’t care !"

max says

"Not kids friendly We stayed in Riu Dunamar Warning stay away with families!!!! First I want to say I'm 38 years old I been going to mexico resorts since I was 18 and I know quality and this hotel is not even close. This is supposed to be Riu Family Resort and it ended up being a huge GARBAGE. Let me get started on the most negative thin about this resort, FOOD. We are not food picky at all but let me tell you. The food in the buffet (lunch, dinner) is so horrible all salty, dry or no flavor was disgusting to eat. Hard to even describe how bad it was. Most likely because hotel was not packed they reused most of the food so that's why a lot of it was so dry and hard to eat. Basically not fresh. Breakfast was ok. All the specialty restaurants food was the same situation so horrible. The worst part off the specialty restaurants is if you come with kids they do not offer kids menu's. No kids food at all! This is supposed to be a family resort? My two kids cryed from hunger and we had to leave to feed them in a nasty buffet. Dont get me started on the kids club. It's a tiny white room that looks like a jail cell. Kids water park and adults water park are cool but absolutely nothing to do there for adults. No drinks or snack service by the waterparks and no pools for adults by the waterparks. Also my daughters ear was bothering her on the last day of our vacation and we asked for a doctor they said 150$ for consultation to look at her ear for 5 seconds and 150$ extra if she needed meds. What kind of family resort does this and treats their vacationers like this? Management is horrible no help at all. Again the food I cant explain how bad it is and the bathtub alcohol is very cheep, few drinks u feel like s--t. The hotel is tiny as hell nothing to see and lobby is none existent. Beach is nice. Also service is great. Rooms are great. Big shutout to Taco the bartender he did a great job by the pool bar."

José says

"Stayed in July 2020 at Riu Guaraná in Algarve, and was a terrible experience regarding Covid 19 measures. In the elevators People without mask; Sometimes there was no desifectant; In the restaurant there was no social distance between people, people without mask and the Staff does not bother at all, all clients serve themeselves and toutch in all the utensils; The food was always the same and sometimes not well prepared"

Curt Mal says

"Nightmare....Booked through RIU travel flight and room to RIU Palace in Mexico on February 18th. They sent an itinerary and flight schedule by email that day. For a weeks vacation starting June 8th for 4 guest. April 29th we called to reschedule for later on in the year. We received an updated flight schedule from United but never for or resort. Called back two weeks later trying to get it and now they have no record of our itinerary or our 5500.00 dollars. Till this day August 1st we have yet to get it resolved. Probably 40 hours on the phone and countless dead end emails. Even sent them copies of original emails showing payment and and original itinerary."

Shelli Bergren says

"Worst experience ever! Vacation cancelled bc of covid 2 months ago and still trying to get money back even though we had insurance! DO NOT BOOK THROUGH RIU Vacations!!!!!"

Unhappy says

"Booked a hotel stay over a year ago to ensure dates could be honoured for a wedding. Alas, the wedding was cancelled due to pandemic, cancelled hotel within penalty free time period. Only to be told, we are having problems refunding you because you paid via PayPal. 5 weeks later no resolution in sight. Do not pay via PayPal and do not give up pursuing your refund. I will not and I have reported the incident to the Financial Ombusdman as this practice cannot be legal."

Rob Lancia says

"My family and I stayed at the Riu Montego Bay, for 5 nights. What a waste of $8,000. Upon arrival our room arrangements were wrong. It took 2 days to sort that out. After constant nagging they gave us a new room. We had to pack up and move to another filthy room. There was no offer of help and I wasn't about to ask. The bed(s) was filthy. I have attached pictures, but they don't do it justice. When I pulled the top blanket down, it revealed the box spring, uncovered (no bed skirt) and horribly stained. Needless to say my nights were restless. One morning I awoke to an arm full of bug bites (see pics). Bed Bugs? IDK, you can be the judge, see pics. I met my daughter at breakfast and she too had similar bites (more pics)!! There I was the next night Googling bed bug bites and other filth related fears... at 3a.m.!!! The bathroom had a steady smell of rotten sludge coming from the shower, most likely the drain. It was nauseating and you never felt clean. The food sucked, except for the Italian restaurant. For a place that advertises no reservations, it was disappointing to be turned away from a restaurant because we "weren't on the list". I could go on and on, but I think what I have written should be enough. What's worse is that I politely contacted the Riu. After several back and forth emails, their reaction was an unacceptable 'oops, sorry about that and if you book again we will give you two free nights for half of your family.... you will have to pay for the rest..' Disgraceful and absolutely unacceptable. Waste of $8,000 and an embarrassment when my family brings up the Riu-otten as they now call it."

Louis says

"Stayed at riu palace tikida taghazout Staff were completely inappropriate and definitely overstepped boundaries, borderline harassment and quite frankly, creepy! complained to RIU who do not want to take any responsibility, have shown proof of the staff members tracking down family members through social media and sending weird messages to which they replied 'we are not in aposition to comment here' To top this off, the hotel wasn't finished, drilling all throughout the day, 'heated pool' was freezing, worst holiday ive ever been on Wouldn't recommend, would definitely not stay again"

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